Monday, June 30, 2008

Our last full day together

Of course another great day with Abbie. I cant believe I have to leave her once again tomorrow. It's just not fair. She needs someone to love her everyday. Even though I know she is getting good care at the hogar, I can tell she is used to just going through the motions.

This will be my last post from Guatemala. I have and will give Abbie girl lots of kisses and lovin and hopefully she will remember me until the next time we see each other.

She really like have these sunglasses on. It wasn't me asking her to wear them. And of course her baby was in tow.

Self portrait

I had to try the pigtails

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hola from Guatemala!

We had another great day together. Abigail is so good and well behaved. I can actually sit and enjoy a whole meal. The total opposite of Isaiah!!! Abbie sits in her highchair like a little princess and is very careful not drop anything and you can tell she has been taught to gently push her plate back when she is finished.

Kissy, Kissy!

Look at those beautiful curls!

Ready for a swim

Good night! (doesn't her baby look like her?)

Good morning!

She defiantly knows the word "no". For the most part when I tell her "no" she backs off. Only one time today, she decided to test the waters and decided not to put something down after I told her to so I had to take it from her. Of course she started crying for it and I once again had to say "no". Well, she showed me she has a temper. She told me off good in Spanish! It was hilarious. I started laughing and she ended up joining me! All was good once again

She loves her baby!

Ready for breakfast

These are some the things I have learned about Abbie so far.

1. She loves to have shoes on at all times.
2. She loves to dance and sing to music.
3. She HATES coke and probably has never had it.
4. Scared of the Ronald McDonald clown. ( just like Eddie's son!)
5. She knows how to say Gracias (thank you), de nada (your welcome), Dora (the explorer), beso (kiss), NO, SEE (yes), baby, mama, nana (??) and lots of things in Spanish that I just don't know what they are!
6. You can lie her in bed and she will try and take a nap or go to sleep on her OWN!!! She wont get out of the bed unless you say that she can! I LOVE IT!!!
7. She already loves me!!! YAY!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hangin with Abbie

Guatemala...Please let me go home!!!

First off, our scheduled driver was a no show or late so I hopped into a taxi, worked my Spanish, and headed to the Hogar. As I was standing at the door of the Hogar, I thought it was very strange that it was so quiet. I had heard there was about 80 kids living there but didn't hear a peep. As I walked in the building I thought that they had moved all the kids. When I asked where all the kids were they said sleeping. I said "ALL of them?" Sure enough! I walked through the orphanage and all the kids were all tucked so cute in their little beds. It was amazing! After a few minutes of sitting there waiting in silence, I heard some crying. Guess who it was...Abbie! I don't know if they were telling her she was leaving or what but she belted out some good cries. I decided to go ahead and look for her so I walked up stairs to the toddler/baby floor and she spotted me immediately. She probably was thinking that this big white women was coming for her and she was not going to have it! At first she just looked at me from the corner of her eyes and then then she wanted it known she DID NOT want to go anywhere! Once again, I had to take her out screaming. I felt horrible! As soon as we got into the car she stopped crying but was holding on for dear life. At first I thought WHY, WHY, am I putting this child through this? But within a matter of minutes back in the hotel room she was like...Hey, I know you! Your that nice lady! At least I think she half way remembers me.

In case your wondering about her nose and lip...they told me she took a dive off the swing set. It happens! I just wish I could of got some pictures with out. Oh well!

After getting to know each other again in the room for about an hour, we took a cruise around the Marriott, checked out the pool, baby room and went to Mcdonalds for dinner. Let me tell you that this Mcdonalds rocks! They built a McCafe onto it which is a coffee and pastry shop. LOVE IT! We will be having a snack in just a bit!

After our little trip outside the hotel, we got back, took a bath and have been playing with toys. Abbie LOVES to dance and is good at it. I have had the music from the laptop going non-stop and so has her dancing. I can tell she's a good talker but I cant make out what she's telling me. I bet she has some good stories!

See ya tomorrow!

Terri and Abbie

Im here!!!

Im unpacked, organized and ready to get my girl!!! I've got about a half hour until my driver (Victor) gets here and we are off to the hogar! Im so nervous and excited at the same time! I cant even describe the feeling.

I will post again in a few hours. This time I'm going to try and stay focused at the orphanage and take some shots of the place Abbie lives. That's if I'm not a basket case!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Abbie Pictures!!!

I cant wait to see a real smile in just a couple days!

* Just a quick update...I have a Tuesday morning meeting scheduled at the CNA (Central Authority) . Please help me pray that I will be able to find answers or a way to get Abbie home. This is the first time ever going to Guatemala by myself which is a little scary and now Im going to have a meeting with Government officials on top of it!!! YIKES! PRAY, PRAY and PRAY that I do good!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Guess where I'm going!!!

That's right!!! Im going to see my Abbie girl!!! I will have her in my arms Saturday afternoon!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Festivals and Fun!

Isaiah LOVED listening to this girl play her guitar.

Double duty!!! Bath time while he washes the dishes in the camper!

Cooling off with a snow cone!!!