Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Boy!!!!

That's right...I'm two years old today and I'm such a big boy!


Even though we were at Chucky Cheese...Isaiah had his favorite...a hot dog and french fries!
Lots and lots of fun for my Little Man!!!
Always has the dance moves ready at all times!

My big boy made it all the way up by himself for the first time tonight! Where did my baby go?
Lots of tickets = Lots of loot!

If you have a second...please wish Little Man a Happy Birthday in the comments section! (That even means all you lurkers to my blog!!! lol)

Isaiah did received a VERY special Birthday letter this morning from a VERY special person...his birthmom!
We are very blessed to have contact with her and I will share part of her letter on my next post!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another first for Abbie

This weekend Abbie Girl got to attend her first Birthday party!!!
As you can tell she loved every minute of it!!!
Picnik collage

Little Man partied hard today!!!


A very serious game going on here!

Cruising for some chicks!

Found one!!! Now he needs to do some dancin!!!

Speaking of birthdays....Any guesses on who's birthday it is tomorrow?

Friday, March 27, 2009

FFF ~ Unique

The... Al La Tia Song
A "unique" song written and sung by Abbie Girl. Written and thought of, while on tour in Guatemala!!
Staring...MIss Abbie Girl
Back up dancer....Isaiah "little Man"
Filmed by...Mommy
Uploaded by....Daddy (or Pappa, as Abbie would say)

Buy your concert tickets in advance for the next showing!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Sweet Girl

Tonight I was thinking back to our week in Guatemala and remembering how Abbie was back then. She was very quiet, shy and she just kinda went with the flow of things. 
Now... Her personality is just shining through. She's acting silly, dancing up a storm and walks through the house swinging her arms like she's loving ever second of her new life.
Here's a little something cute that happened this morning as we were leaving the house...
Abbie turned to her grandma and said "bye bye!"
Then Isaiah turned to her and said "adios!"
We all started laughing.
Isaiah's learning lots of Spanish as we are trying to teach Abbie Girl English!

Abbie and Isaiah are defiantly getting along these days. I love watching them run around the house chasing each other.
They have become partners in crime!
There's still fights that happen but they have drastically reduced.

Abbie LOVES Isaiah so much and sometimes she almost acts like a little mother to him. When he gets hurts or gets in trouble she's the first one to go comfort him. She wraps her little arms around him and pats him on his back.

If they are eating a snack and Isaiah runs out first...she gives him part of hers.
Just a second ago, I stopped typing here and I went into the kitchen to split a doughnut in half to give to each of them. Abbie was quick to take half and she just ran away as fast as she could. Isaiah was no where in sight. I just left his on the counter and about two minutes later Abbie comes running back empty handed. She was so dramatic and excited in trying to tell me something about Isaiah so I went to look. Isaiah was happily sitting in his bed with the half of doughnut Abbie gave him and she was trying to tell me what she did. We went back to the kitchen together and she now has her half of the strawberry doughnut that she is loving so much!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


A few months back we became the sponsors of a sweet little girl named Katherine from El Salvador.
We were so excited to receive our first letter from her along with a cute little picture she drew below. 
Our Letter to her as well as some photos of us are headed her way!

If you are interested in becoming or thinking about becoming a sponsor for a child please checkout



Sunday, March 22, 2009

He's addicted....

To Choo Choo Soul Train!!!
In fact he woke up at 1:30 last night crying for "Choo Choo!"
He can watch it over and over and over and... you get the point!

The boy can dance!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun at the Zoo with Friends!

Yesterday morning we got to hang out with Sweet Maya and her Mommy Stephanie at the Zoo.
Are these kids gorgeous or what?!!!!

Abbie was stuck to Steph like glue! She didn't even want to come back to me after the sea lion show!!!

"Mommy worried about Abbie's hair today and not mine!!!
Bad hair day, but I don't care! I'm having fun!"

We all had a blast and cant wait to hang out with our friends again!!!
Thanks Stephanie and Maya for the fun day at the zoo!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some things about Abbie

Here are some random things that we have learned about our Abbie Girl. Everyday we see a little more of her personality shine through and you can tell that she just LOVES life right now.

  • Remember how we were amazed in Guatemala about how much this girl can eat and drink? still hasn't changed. This girl is a machine. I'm so glad that some of her favorite things to eat are healthy! 
  • Here are some of her favorites...Carrots, squash, bread, pasta and corn dogs! 
  • Her least favorite foods are... steak and broccoli! She's not a big fan of french fries but loves all other kinds of potatoes. (french fries are Isaiah's all time favorite! Don't even whisper the words french fries around him unless you are prepared to deliver!)
  • She obviously was taught how to clean. She knows how to fold clothes, sweep and dust! No lie...she is good at it! I was folding clothes watching TV the other day and she came right up and started straightening  and folding the shirts using her chin. 
  • Sleeps all night in her room!!! YAY!!!! (Isaiah still wakes up for his midnight milk!)
  • I think She's going through a "baby stage".  Lately she is whining a lot wanting to be cuddled and babied. If Isaiah gets hurt or we hug on him, she is quick to "pretend hurt" or want to be hugged right away as well. She will always try and over power Isaiah to be in front and closer to us.
  • She is starting to test us to see how far she can go with things. If we tell her "no" for something, she continues to do it all the while looking at us in the corner of her eyes to see if we will get upset. If we go ahead and take whatever she's not suppose to have...she will show her temper. Hey wait...I just described Isaiah! lol 
  • She wants to please us with all things that she does. She is always seeking praises and attention (which she gets).
  • Still calls all women "Mama" and all men "Papa". This is hard to break.
  • Finally knows that her name is Abbie (they called her Mishel).
  • She loves to tattle tale on her brother CONSTANTLY! lol

I'm sure I could keep going on and on about my Abbie Girl. We are constantly saying how blessed we are to finally have her. We just sit and stare at her and thank God she is finally ours and walking through our house!

There are a few things that I am concerned about. Pretty sure they are from being placed in three homes since she was born. Well, I guess it's four if you include ours. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Their getting along!!!

We went at least one full hour tonight with no fighting and they actually had fun together playing and sharing toys!!!



Saturday, March 14, 2009

Post from Abbie...

So...I was thinking...Since I'm such a girlie girl...
Who loves to accessorize...
Why not get my ears pierced just like my Mommy's!!
Okay, forget everything I just said!!! Get me out of here!!!
Dad...HELP ME!!!! Their really going to do it!!!!
Life is sweet again and so is this sucker! I'm styling like no one's business and so is...
My main man Isaiah Luke!
We are looking toooooooo good!

Out of the way people!
These gorgeous Guatemalan's are coming through!

Thursday, March 12, 2009




This and that!

Yesterday we took Abbie for her first doctor visit her in the good ol' U.S.A.!
I thought for sure she was going to scream and cry when the doctor came in but she did pretty good. She even gave him an "adios" when he left the room.
You could tell how relieved she was when it was just her and I sitting in the room together until...
The lady with the needles came in!
We decided to have Abbie's immunizations redone.
Since Abbie was moved from place to place, I am missing some of her shot records and the doctor thinks it better to be safe than sorry and not trust the few records I have for her. So....
Abbie received 4 of many more shots to come.

Isaiah still wants to pick on his sister on a regular basis. It has gotten a little better the last few days. I think he's understanding that his actions are coming with plenty of time outs!!!
Look who picked up a few of Isaiah bad habits below. Yes, here's a tantrum thrown by little Miss Abbie Girl! Americanized already!!! (I had to take a picture to document it! lol )
Ray decided to take a few more days off to hang out with us. We are trying to decide whether to take a road trip this weekend. Yes, I may be crazy!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

A dose of Abbie and Isaiah cuteness!

Helping Dad with the yard work!

Starting off the morning with the breakfast of champions...Sun Chips!!!

Is this boy handsome or what?! He has his fake smile down pat!!!

No fake smiles for my Abbie Girl!!! She is one happy princess!!!

Okay, this one wasn't fake!!! Yay!!!

Ending the night with gummy bears and more smiles!