Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My naked babies!

This is how we spend most evenings since it is so flippin hot here in Texas!

Little Man and Abbie Girl usually start off doing some outdoor dishes! 
It's a given that they will become soaked so....
All the clothes come off and it's sprinkler time!


Have a terrific Tuesday!


Leslie said...

Oh its not hot enough in ohio to be naked yet..I CANT WAIT ...LMAO im kidding i dont get naked!

Im sure they will love these pics as teens when you show their friends!!! CUTE!

Leah and Maya said...

That all Maya talks about, is its wamrer and she can be naked! we've had a couple of days warm enough, but she sin't into the sprinkler quite yet. I love your rock wall!

Veronica~ said...

Too cute=)i cant wait to see you guys in a few days..and meet Abbie girl as well as see that cute boy of yours again=) counting down the days...GOD BLESS

Valerie said...

Aww! I wish it was flippin' hot here. I could use some fun in the sun.

Our Girls said...

LOVE it!!!! Can't wait for it to get that hot here in MN... Which seems like forever from now!

Vanessa said...

I know my kiddos are spending a lot of time in the nude here too!! Louisiana is also HOT, HOT, HOT right now!!

Lisa said...

SOOO adorable! I have some naked Ducky dancing coming up, but indoors here in KY. Can't wait for some outdoor naked playing.. well, for Dylan, that is! LOL

Hannah said...

Love a little naked baby butt!!So cute!

Spudsnsalsa said...

Okay Terri, now you've pushed me off my ledge!!!! I'm soooo longing for warmth...even a hint...I'd take 70's even! Guess I'd better check the airfares to Texas!!!!!

Rhonda said...

Ahhhhh, those are so cute. Had to laugh when it's so hot the clothes come off. We don't quite reach that here in VA! They are so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Here in Wisconsin we had naked babies last night! A water hose, two buckets, a mud pile... and lots of fun!
It's been in the 90's the past two days. Sad to say, I LOVE it. I can't stand the cold!!!!
The kids are as cute as ever!